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I'm raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support by traveling the UK, living by simple rules; *No Money handled or used at any time *No Trading for sponsorship. I have a tent that will mostly be living out of, as well as some other more basic equipment that will help me along the way. I will mostly be walking from place to place seeing the landscapes of Britain and with a bit of luck meet lots more wonderful people like the peeps of Norwich and King's Lynn where I have been so far. I am making good progress up the East side of the UK, and hope to reach Edinburgh in time for the festival in August. I am always interested in suggestions and challenges you may have for places for me to see do or find across the country. People interested in keeping updated with my progress or just having a chat can do so through Twitter @mheefree Please donate through http://www.justgiving.com/me-free any donations are always greatly appreciated, as little as a penny will all help people affected by cancer all over.
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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

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Into Newcastle and onward

The night I spent in Seaham was fantastic, the people of the crows nest were all so amazing and even after I pitched the tent outside and tried to get to sleep I was still being talked to by the locals. When I awoke in the morning of made my way back to see Biff as by the maps comand to get a tattoo. Biff did a wonderful job even through my wiggling and squrming around

He said he will do the back half when I come back if I can handle it lol. From seaham I was given a lift by Dave to the Angle

Under her I sat and had lunch

Not long after I found myself crossing the Tyne bridge into Newcastle

(This is not the Tyne bridge but is the view of the old swing bridge from along it) Newcastle is such a beautiful city with so much art all around and such wonderful buildings it was easy to enjoy the walk.

I was trying to make my way to the Cumberland arms without much luck then I met 3 lovely gents that gladly showed me the way (via the Tyne bar). The wrighting on my map said stay at the cumberland arms, unfortunatly they were full for the weekend, so my plan was to sleep outback. Everyone was warning me against it and this made me more than a little paranoid. In the end a nice lad Dolly

put me up for the night.

Lots of things to do in Newcastle so I started by trying Macmillan, with no joy (but that was a bit of wishful thinking) next was the stateside diner, the Oreo milkshake was divine

Then back to the cumberland

This time I did sleep out the back and very well too.

After meeting in such a nice Quaker building, a friend (Douglas) alowed me use of his garden. Along with feeding me and generaly being the most generous hoast he could have been. I was given a ride across town back to the macmillan offices where I picked up a new tshirt and started the mission along the river to Tynemouth stopping to watch the eye open

Then to top up my water at a pub formally the wincolmee meeting some nice guys, and finally at the Albion just to have a rest and hide from the rain. It was in her I met Barry, Helen and Ross who were all so nice and helped me to achieve the next challenge on the map have fish & chips at Marshals

As always thanks to everyone that has been helping me along my way, including;
Biff, Dave, Graeme, Denise, Julie, Chloe, Eyvonne from Seaham,
Steve, John and Dave with out you I may never have found the Cumberland,
Joseph, Sally, PS, Ross, Kev, Wrighty, Gunny, and Dolly from the cumberland arms,
Britt, Hilde, and Beathe lovely ladies from Norway,
Dave, and Bob from the Wincolmee,
Barry, Ross and Helen from the Albion, and Leah, Pam and Duncan from the Earl of Zetland
I am sorry again for anyone that I have missed please comment below, I love you all keep smiling :-)

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

The North

Sorry its been so long since my last update, I was having some problems getting the internet back up but thanks to Simon from T-Mobile all is good again.
So from Whitney I set off into the moors

such magical views everywhere even though it was incredibly wet

Met some friendly cows...

After the amount of time that I spent in whitby I was struggling to stick to my usual pace, and so set camp.

Awaking the next day in high sprits with sunshine that could light up anyones soul. Continued on towards Castleton

going through some of the other villages. 'This is proper country' I thort to myself.

With no internet coming through the moors I was now hopelessly lost and so stoped in at the Eskdale Inn meeting karren, will, sue who pointed out the best route to roseberry topping....
No! With no internet and therefore no satnav, no matter how good the directions I was lost again within minutes. I decided to just go North, north west hoping that the field after field of moors would end (as lovely as it is).

At last a town but I had no idea which town.

First guy I met was Olli it turns out this was Guisborough. And little did I know how nice it was going to turn out to be. Olli pointed me in the direction of a pub called the Anchor where I topped up my water and got a couple of new markers on my map. Then the locals started to show just how good they really are, I was given several drinks and food and even offered a bed for the night from a most lovely lady, Sue. (I'm meeting a lot of very nice ladies called sue recently)

I was happy to also know that the whole town was looking out for her and checking up well into the night that I she was ok. The next morning Pete gave me a lift into Middlesbrough, where I went to the art gallery

And had great fun at the transporter bridge

The view from the top was amazing

I spent a long time with Graham

Who was also kind enough to offer me his sofa for the night, we stayed up till the early hours talking politics.
From middlesbrough it was more north to hartlepool where I met lots of cool peeps in the princess Helena. I camped out side the premier inn. This morning, following my maps guide lines, I showed up at Alan hodgson fish shop. They where as clueles to me showing up as I was. After chatting for a bit I was alowed to help out in exchange for some honey and sampher (which I can't spell) then I got on a train to seaham. So hear I am its been a wonerful day and I am very tired but it's been so long since my last post and so much has happened. Unfortunatly I have left out a lot of details of the past few days but I can't fully remember everything as I am far too sleepy please comment if I missed your part of the story.
Big thanx to everyone in whitby, the stable bar, and the fox & hounds inn. Karren, will and sue of the eskdale. Mic, Sue, Rachel and mark of the anchor. Graham Alan, jim, gary, ste, donna, and Pete from middlesbrough. Bob, connie, jock, tam, Naomi, tracey, dave, and rab of the princess Helena. Danielle and Anthony of the premier inn. Becca, Lauren, Sarah, kathrine, Alan, Brenda, edie, phil, sue, and neil of the crows nest. And anyone else who should be on this list but I've missed I am sorry that I missed you off please slap my wrist.
Much love and be happy, till next time good night :-)

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Scarborough to Whitby

Leaving a good friends, Paul's, in the early hours I continued on my journey north along the walk known as Cleveland way

A truly scorching day I was glad when I stumbled apon a stream with a small waterfall

It was clear that I was not the first to find pleasure in stopping here and found engravings in the rocks all around the oldest dating to the 60's

It was so wonderful that I stayed here for a good hour meeting people as they passed over the crossing

After a time I thought I better get on or I would feel too at home here to ever leave. The next hill was a killer in the heat and I was cort up by a lovely young lady, Tomomi, on holiday from London. We walked, and talked together for the day, and the miles melted away, before we knew it we had reached Boggle Hole

This was my stop and I had to try to arrange spending the night with out money, so we parted ways and Tomomi continued the last 3/4 mile to her bus in Robin hoods bay. This would not be the last we would see each other.
At the Hostel I met another wonderful young lady, Jess, who very kindly arranged for me to stay. It was wonderful, so many nice people, and the building was fun for adults & children alike. I recommend stayin here especially families.

That evening I went into Robinhoods bay with Lloyd

a very nice piano player and teacher the bay is truly beautiful and when the tide is out only a few min walk from the hostel

It is not a very big place so I won't spoil it by showing all the pics I took, it is also the finish point of the coast to coast walk. After a very good sleep a nice lady, Silvia,

gave me a lift into whitby, and I quickly set about completing all of the challenges I had been set for here. There was climb the 199 steps to the Abby

See the whale bones

See captain cooks statue and museum

very cool it was here that, by chance found, Tomomi again. I have but 1 challenge left here before I continue north, the big one, read Dracula

I started this morning and now am 1/3 through but I have had other distractions as well I hope to finish tomorrow as it is getting very exciting. I have very kindly been alowed to stay one more night on this camp site in the town where I met Simon

lol I like him he is very funny, then tomorrow I will move on maybe? Anles the fear gets hold tonight and I make a break for it, it really is a good book I shall get back to it now.
Big thanx to Jess, Korin, Amanda, and Sadie@ the hostel
Lillian, George, Deck, Elaine, and Ellie @ the black horse
Silvia for the ride
Lloyd for the drinks and talks.
And especially Tomomi for being so nice every time we met ;-) x
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