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I'm raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support by traveling the UK, living by simple rules; *No Money handled or used at any time *No Trading for sponsorship. I have a tent that will mostly be living out of, as well as some other more basic equipment that will help me along the way. I will mostly be walking from place to place seeing the landscapes of Britain and with a bit of luck meet lots more wonderful people like the peeps of Norwich and King's Lynn where I have been so far. I am making good progress up the East side of the UK, and hope to reach Edinburgh in time for the festival in August. I am always interested in suggestions and challenges you may have for places for me to see do or find across the country. People interested in keeping updated with my progress or just having a chat can do so through Twitter @mheefree Please donate through http://www.justgiving.com/me-free any donations are always greatly appreciated, as little as a penny will all help people affected by cancer all over.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Time in Norwich

I have been back in Norwich now for the last two months or so, and as such I think its time to update.
Not much has changed yet and I'm sad to report that I'm not achieving anywhere near what I had wanted by now. My big plans are still to go north, but I would like to be sure that the time is right before I go.

Delays inevitable.

Trade is good, as you would expect in even a small city like here. Most of these trades however have involved money in some way or other. This as I have come to discovered is getting me down, though I am living without a penny in my pocket for myself, carrying money for other people is still against the rules I set for myself. On top of this people insist on pointing out that because of the nature of the world, consumables involve money at every stage. I am aware of this and as nice as it would be to avoid, at this point in time it is not viable to grow or find all the things necessary for my life to continue.
Rant over!

Spring would seem to be in full swing now, with flowers popping out all over, trees and shrubs getting back there wonderful greens. The weather too has turned to more mild outlook again, last Saturday was positively hot. I have not been camping for several weeks now, and will be looking forward to getting back in the tent very soon.
Will update again, with pics, when there is something other than nonsense to report. lol
Stay safe and live well ;-)