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I'm raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support by traveling the UK, living by simple rules; *No Money handled or used at any time *No Trading for sponsorship. I have a tent that will mostly be living out of, as well as some other more basic equipment that will help me along the way. I will mostly be walking from place to place seeing the landscapes of Britain and with a bit of luck meet lots more wonderful people like the peeps of Norwich and King's Lynn where I have been so far. I am making good progress up the East side of the UK, and hope to reach Edinburgh in time for the festival in August. I am always interested in suggestions and challenges you may have for places for me to see do or find across the country. People interested in keeping updated with my progress or just having a chat can do so through Twitter @mheefree Please donate through http://www.justgiving.com/me-free any donations are always greatly appreciated, as little as a penny will all help people affected by cancer all over.

Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy Birthday Mhee

The first birthday gift that I got this year was two owls that followed back to camp @ around midnight last night. I woke up around 11.30 when my mother phoned me to sing happy birthday, from there I saw Peter and Iva. Iva made an amazing soup. I met up with Rob at his new place round his girlfriends, Kay, we are all enjoying that time between the year ending and the new coming in. Would like to give thanx to all for there birthday wishes. Gaynor, and the rest of the Shaw family for all of there help, Phill, Graham, Liz the landgirl, and anyone else that I may have forgotten. Thanx for a wonder year, lets make the next one even better :) x
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Friday, 24 December 2010

The Great Bench Building Of 2010

Hi, the last week has, as always, been all fun and games. I decided at the beginning of the week that I needed a bench, so after some searching I found my log, this once chopped a few times made a fantastic bench. Through not as easy as I make out, lol, it took a lot of attempts to get it to stay up at the hight that I wanted. So I dedicate this bench to the time spent with my sister and brother-in-law, Hi Jon and Rachel.
In other news I now consider seeing rabbits on my way back to camp of an evening a very good omen, every time that I have seen them so far it has been a good night. I'm now using a new quality tent lining that has made a massive difference to my internal temp, cardboard, thanx Phill. There is not a great deal more news I'm still in Lynn, WILL leave very soon, North, maybe inland a bit for a bit who can tell. can't wait to test the tent under more extreme conditions. I do have more photos but the camera on the phone is not grate at night, see what you think.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Back in Lynn

First night back in the tent was cold but not unbearable, tent was very much frozen when I got up through.

sorry bout the pics not very good at using the cam on the phone yet. but it gives you all an idea what we're all dealing with now that winter is upon us. I was only gonna be back in Lynn for a few days but 'm getting the feeling now that I'm going to miss the solstice, can't seem to find the peeps that I was going to go with. If all fails then I will have to skip Stone Henge and go strait to Scotland for the winter. All my new equipment has now been tested and all works like a dream with only a few issues that may need addressing in the future.
It has been nice to see everyone back here thanx to Mum, Peter & Iva, Zak, Tom and Grub, for all the food and help they have all given me in my time back here.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Leaving Norwich

I have really enjoyed my week back in Norwich. It will be sad to leave again, but the road is calling and the solstice is approaching fast. Still a lot of miles between Me and Wiltshire.

So I leave for King's Lynn on Monday with intent to stay just outside the town border in my tent until making a move west, the tent I have has not been fully snow tested yet so lots of new problems will emerge as always, I do love the way that no two days are ever the same any more.
Delays for setting off from Norwich. Snow has all but gone here though the temperature is getting colder, big frosts every morning now much fun. Think that my mother is freaking out about me doing this in the winter. Thank you everyone that has helped me out round here in the last few weeks, Barbara, Andy, Matt, Stacy, and Abbie as well as countless others at companies round the city.
Would still love to hear from anyone that has any ideas about places to see across the UK. Maybe one day I might start camping again I miss the fun that can be had while out in the woods or even just outside a town on some un-walked paths.

Final leaving for King's Lynn, starting to have problems fitting everything in my pack now. New thermal gear is awesome, testing it about norwich last night was more than ample though it was only -2. Plan is still to head for stonehenge then north hopping that I can get back in touch with Joan before I get into Scotland, Thanx again to everyone that its making my life possible, staying with Andi and Matt has been as fun as always love you both.