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I'm raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support by traveling the UK, living by simple rules; *No Money handled or used at any time *No Trading for sponsorship. I have a tent that will mostly be living out of, as well as some other more basic equipment that will help me along the way. I will mostly be walking from place to place seeing the landscapes of Britain and with a bit of luck meet lots more wonderful people like the peeps of Norwich and King's Lynn where I have been so far. I am making good progress up the East side of the UK, and hope to reach Edinburgh in time for the festival in August. I am always interested in suggestions and challenges you may have for places for me to see do or find across the country. People interested in keeping updated with my progress or just having a chat can do so through Twitter @mheefree Please donate through http://www.justgiving.com/me-free any donations are always greatly appreciated, as little as a penny will all help people affected by cancer all over.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

week about the kingdom

So scottish weather, as it turns out, has the abbilty to change quite rapidly from really hot to very wet and cold in the blink of an eye! My first few days in Fife were marked with scorching sun turning the coast into an almost tropical affair

So hot I was reminded of summer again! I moved on towards Dunfermline, here it is I'm to find Robert the Bruce in the abbey. By the time I arrived in the town it had been raining for almost two days and I was, to say the least, very wet. So naturally I was looking for somewhere to dry off, I found it in the form of a pub, the olive tree, where the room was warm, the people were friendly, and the food was great. Unfortunatly I spent so much time here "drying off" that I missed the open hours of the abbey. A very lovely lady Julie put me up for the night. The next day I said hello to Rob

With my task complete I made north for Kinross and loch Leven

I'm trying at this time to "walk where the stars have walked" I think this is t in the park, so in I go. I got close

Not quite to the venue but close. Now, more north need to make perth, and find "anything"

found the art gallery in the city centre about mice! Stopped at a bar-the tavern- to charge phone, lovely lads there. Then east to Auchtermuchty (I struggled to pronounce it too)

was offered a job lol now south to Falkland to see the palace

from the hill, done. And that was my week in the kingdom of fife! I had a great time and I hope to be back in the not too distant future.
I leave you with random pics from Cupar sweet dreams! X

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Been and gone

So at last the time came for mhee to leave Edinburgh.

Great times all through August and well into September.
After arriving in the city with Birke and a short stop at a pub, we took the walk up Arthur's seat to see the city outstretched all around

It was here we spent the first few nights.
I quickly started doing some of the things written on the map;
Edinburgh castle,

The royal mile,

The greyfriers bobby,

The palace,


The Pleasance,

And spent some time on Cramond island

Such fun!!
Once the festival started, so to did a wonderful atmosphere with people from every end of the earth, I found voluntarily work at the forest cafe, the people that I met here every day changed my life and challenge my ideals, along with a wide range of entertainment, music, poetry, and plays to keep all who ventured into the capital for this famous month. To keep me alive for the month, as well as the Forest cafe, I worked on a farm in South Queensferry they were happy to supply me with food for the days i spent hoeing or digging. I met a man, Steve, who seemed very keen to make a documentary about my life. I don't think I'm doing anything special because its something that anyone could do if they wanted to, but he did start work on it and the Pilot is available on Youtube: The Power Of Mhee.
Once the festival ended i still could not drag myself away from the new friends that I had made and the work on the farm. But in the end Birke left for Germany and I too saw that the time had come to move on.
I met so many people the last couple of months if I was to write about everyone this blog would turn into something akin to a phone book, but I love all please know I think of you all as I write this.
So long Edinburgh, So long Birke, So long everyone I hope we can meet again soon
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Sunday, 10 July 2011


From Alnwick I traveled to the coast and was stuned to see Bambourgh castle towering above the landscape

Once there and after a quick tour

I had lunch at the clock tower cafe

And very nice it was too jacket potato with chilli thanx Gary. I enjoyed a walk along the beach antill I reached a large bay as the tide was in I was stopped from cutting accross as I had wanted. I walked back up to the road and started on the route round, but was quickly picked up by Ben on his way home from his last day of work before his holls. We chatted as he drove and I missed many of the places that I was meaning to see, but I will come back soon a visit them. After meeting some of his friends he dropped me in a lay-by off the A1 next to a cafe and paid for my breakfast the next day, what an amazing guy! The next day after a very large breakfast I started off again up the A1 aiming for Dumbar, and stone me! if he didn't drive passed and pick me up again!

So arriving very early with the sun shining I walked along the Cliff. It was so hot and so beautiful I was almost tempted to take a dip.

Again I found myself at a bay with lovely almost white sand and an odd bridge in the middle of nowhere, I later found out it was called the bridge to nowhere, I sat and chatted to some of the people, and later made camp right there looking at such an odd sight

I made many friends with the people in the shallys around where I camped. Later that night we even had a bonfire on the beach

I decided as I had made such good time because of the lifts that I would stay 1more night.

The next day and time to leave came all too soon and I had to say good by to my new friends here. I walked round the bay and was amazed to find a young German girl with a large bag sittin having breakfast, Birke. It turned out she was also walking to edinburgh we teamed up and set off round the coast together. What fun we had getting lost trying to follow the footpaths then I got got by an electric fence lol. By the afternoon it was raining very hard and so we camped on the beach

The next day and on again sticking to the coast as much as possible. But more failing as we got lost once more in a field when we were forced off the beach. We came through north berwick and Birke said we should climb the law, it damn near killed me getting up that hill! We don't have anything like that in norfolk! This makes me worry about the actual mountains I will encounter soon! Eventualy we set camp just off the beach in such a beautiful spot

and saw a few sand sculptures

The next day more walking on the beach first in sun so hot then rain then back to sun, love the scotish weather btw. We camped on a sand dune that later became an island. It rained all night.
Day 4 with Birke, again the sun shines in the morning, and yet more walking on the beach this coast walking is taking so much longer than the direct road routes I was used to, but we passed port seaton and finally the factory we had been going towards was behind us. Again the weather turns into heavy downpour and we camp by a lake for the night edinburgh in sight. Another wonderful start hot sun and mild wind perfect we packed up. .... rain! Rain! Rain! Lol but we made it to edinburgh in good time and the weather showed us mercy in the end we are camped up the big hill in the middle of the city I forget what it is called now but from up here the view is wonderful the hole city streches out in all directions.

I leave you as always with thanx to everyone along the way; Gary, Ben&co, Louisa, Amy, Keith, Angie, Angns, Nicki, Lorna, all the Dumbar girls, Sammy, Anna-mae, Jonathan, Morgan, Stephanie, Teri-Louise, Darryl, Mark, Julie, Scot, John, Ronnie, James, Lorraine, Robert and of cause Birke

Goodnight everyone much love
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Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Map So Far!

This map is getting very full now for the north east especially

Thanks everyone who is part of it and I hope to do it all someday soon.
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Taking my time to Alnwick

It was so beautiful walking the coast from my camp on Tynemouth cliffs

To Blyth along the coast meeting all the dog walkers on their morning strolls so many wonderful views as always

I stopped for a rest on the patio of the Castaways tea shop to get the strength back in my shoulders, and even though they were not yet open the owners -John, and Leigh- came out with tea and toast. I took the chance to update my journal and enjoy the morning sun.

I arived in blyth around noon via the promenade and stopped to get some directions around to the joiners arms (next on the map) it wasn't far I was suprised to hear as the map had Morpeth marked for it. So off I go again

Finding that the joiners was still closed I ducked into the masons to wait for it to open. Here I met such an amazing young lass -Danielle- I will never forget her. Danielle offered me a sofa for the night almost as soon as we met, this is, I am learning, the greatest gift anyone can offer a traveler as it means so much to be in comfort for a night after a few on a floor. Eventually the joiners opened and I started accross to it stopping to speak to a lad opposite for a bit, Billy invited me into the social club I agreed but said I needed to folow the map first, as it turns out its the wrong joiners arms and I was looking for the one in Morpeth lol. So now to Blyth sports social club, here I was overwhelmed by their generosity and Keith just kept on finding little gadgets that he said I might need. By this time I'm starting to feel a bit tipsy and decide its time to stop for the night. Danielle was incredible and fed me very well, we talked long into the night, it felt like I had known her for years.
In the morning after a repack of my bag (it was greatly needed) I started for morpeth. After a few hours my shoulders were starting to give again and then as if fate was playing a marvellous game with me I spotted the travelers rest

This I took as the spot to heal for a little while and met several new friends and a few new map markers. Next was the Queens head this was starting to turn into a national pub crawl, again many very nice people and chats, but this could not be my destination of the night

I pressed on, now all day the weather had been allover the place there was scorching sun, torrential rain and even some hail and all day I had been lucky enough to avoid it. My luck had ran out now however and I was stuck in the open as it rained all hell down, but the sun hadn't given up an through the battle there was the most spectacular double rainbow

I was soaked from head to upper ancle (waterproof socks lol) by the time I reached the correct Joiners arms,

I had a wonderful night and fell asleep by the steppy stones to the sound of the stream. Morpeth was even more beautiful by day and I hurried round getting pics before I continued.

Google maps had my next part of the trip all planed out and on my phones tiny screen it looked easy enough, but after 3 or 4 hours I got acostomed to the scale, luckly I neednt have as I met a couple of truckers Colin and Eddie who were going that way and that as there was no paths it would be quite dangerous to walk, and so dropped me at the door of the Newcastle hotel in Rothbury where I had some fun painting, I do wish more people would put me to use. Rothbury was a lovely little place but I didn't stop long and after the Newcastle and a bit of the tennis I started up the road to Alnwick not getting far then sleeping in a field. This road to Alnwick was all hills and no corners it was exhausting to walk, but at last I'm here I arrived yesterday afternoon and charged my phone at the Alnwick Arms where I met yet more wonderful people and slept with a view of the castle

Today I will get to barter books then back to the cost.
Thanx to everyone I have met along the way in your way you make my journey easyer;
John, Leigh, Sarah, Rosy, Angela, Billy, Keith, Claire, Leanne, Debbie (happy birthday), Lyn, Derick, Bel, Paul, Robbie, Wayne, Jenna, sorry Graeme, Tanny, Kenny Kay, Gary, Collette, Alan, Frankie, Peter, Sarah, Colin, Eddie, Ayelish, Toni, Sarah, Chris, Elizabeth, Alison, Dave, Jade, and of cause Danielle. Thank you all so much and keep smiling. :-)
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