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I'm raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support by traveling the UK, living by simple rules; *No Money handled or used at any time *No Trading for sponsorship. I have a tent that will mostly be living out of, as well as some other more basic equipment that will help me along the way. I will mostly be walking from place to place seeing the landscapes of Britain and with a bit of luck meet lots more wonderful people like the peeps of Norwich and King's Lynn where I have been so far. I am making good progress up the East side of the UK, and hope to reach Edinburgh in time for the festival in August. I am always interested in suggestions and challenges you may have for places for me to see do or find across the country. People interested in keeping updated with my progress or just having a chat can do so through Twitter @mheefree Please donate through http://www.justgiving.com/me-free any donations are always greatly appreciated, as little as a penny will all help people affected by cancer all over.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


From Alnwick I traveled to the coast and was stuned to see Bambourgh castle towering above the landscape

Once there and after a quick tour

I had lunch at the clock tower cafe

And very nice it was too jacket potato with chilli thanx Gary. I enjoyed a walk along the beach antill I reached a large bay as the tide was in I was stopped from cutting accross as I had wanted. I walked back up to the road and started on the route round, but was quickly picked up by Ben on his way home from his last day of work before his holls. We chatted as he drove and I missed many of the places that I was meaning to see, but I will come back soon a visit them. After meeting some of his friends he dropped me in a lay-by off the A1 next to a cafe and paid for my breakfast the next day, what an amazing guy! The next day after a very large breakfast I started off again up the A1 aiming for Dumbar, and stone me! if he didn't drive passed and pick me up again!

So arriving very early with the sun shining I walked along the Cliff. It was so hot and so beautiful I was almost tempted to take a dip.

Again I found myself at a bay with lovely almost white sand and an odd bridge in the middle of nowhere, I later found out it was called the bridge to nowhere, I sat and chatted to some of the people, and later made camp right there looking at such an odd sight

I made many friends with the people in the shallys around where I camped. Later that night we even had a bonfire on the beach

I decided as I had made such good time because of the lifts that I would stay 1more night.

The next day and time to leave came all too soon and I had to say good by to my new friends here. I walked round the bay and was amazed to find a young German girl with a large bag sittin having breakfast, Birke. It turned out she was also walking to edinburgh we teamed up and set off round the coast together. What fun we had getting lost trying to follow the footpaths then I got got by an electric fence lol. By the afternoon it was raining very hard and so we camped on the beach

The next day and on again sticking to the coast as much as possible. But more failing as we got lost once more in a field when we were forced off the beach. We came through north berwick and Birke said we should climb the law, it damn near killed me getting up that hill! We don't have anything like that in norfolk! This makes me worry about the actual mountains I will encounter soon! Eventualy we set camp just off the beach in such a beautiful spot

and saw a few sand sculptures

The next day more walking on the beach first in sun so hot then rain then back to sun, love the scotish weather btw. We camped on a sand dune that later became an island. It rained all night.
Day 4 with Birke, again the sun shines in the morning, and yet more walking on the beach this coast walking is taking so much longer than the direct road routes I was used to, but we passed port seaton and finally the factory we had been going towards was behind us. Again the weather turns into heavy downpour and we camp by a lake for the night edinburgh in sight. Another wonderful start hot sun and mild wind perfect we packed up. .... rain! Rain! Rain! Lol but we made it to edinburgh in good time and the weather showed us mercy in the end we are camped up the big hill in the middle of the city I forget what it is called now but from up here the view is wonderful the hole city streches out in all directions.

I leave you as always with thanx to everyone along the way; Gary, Ben&co, Louisa, Amy, Keith, Angie, Angns, Nicki, Lorna, all the Dumbar girls, Sammy, Anna-mae, Jonathan, Morgan, Stephanie, Teri-Louise, Darryl, Mark, Julie, Scot, John, Ronnie, James, Lorraine, Robert and of cause Birke

Goodnight everyone much love
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  1. Very impressed that you've gotten so far! Stay safe and enjoy :)

  2. I justed wanted to say thank you for all you are doing, you're on an incredible journey. I wish you all the courage you need, though you have it in masses already. Huge respect and admiration, and lots of love to you, you're an inspiration. I hope our paths meet one day.

  3. So good to see you are still OK. You are quite amazing! I have thought about you often when considering the Quaker testimony to Simplicity - your example speaks so loudly. Take care. Pip Townley